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Carrier Transicold introduces new reefer units

Mar 07, 2024

Carrier Transicold debuted two premium performance versions of its Vector trailer refrigeration system on Tuesday.

"The new Vector 8700 single-temperature unit and the Vector 8800MT multitemperature unit build upon the legacy of the E-Drive, the all-electric refrigeration technology pioneered and refined by Carrier Transicold, and used by thousands of fleets worldwide," says Bill Maddox, senior manager of product management, Truck Trailer Americas, Carrier Transicold. "These premium performance units reduct particulate emissions by 96% while adding significant gains in fuel efficiency compared to standard Vector models."

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The new units feature an advanced version of the smart engine used throughout Carrier Transicold's existing trailer platforms. Benefits, Carrier says, include enhanced compliance, including lifetime compliance with the California Air Resource Board's emissions rules for trailer refrigeration systems.

The units also feature common-rail fuel injection for optimized delivery of fuel, reducing fuel consumption by 5-10%. A new third speed, called eco speed, automatically decreases engine RPMs during intervals where conditions permit, significantly improving operating efficiency compared to normal low-speed operation, Carrier says.

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The Vector 8700 and 8800MT also use the R-452A refrigerant, which is more environmentally friendly. It has a global warming potential that's 45% lower than that of the older unit refrigerant, R404A. The common rail fuel system and a diesel oxidation catalyst push particulate, hydrocarbon and NOx emissions to a new low, Carrier says. Both units also come with a built-in electric standby. Other systems can lose as much as 26% of their rated capacity when using standby power, Carrier says.

Simplified maintenance is another benefit Carrier touts with the new units. The company says the E-Drive technology means the diesel engine is direct-coupled to a high-output generator that produces power for the all-electric refrigeration system, eliminating some common serviceable components and making the units easier to maintain.

These units also come equipped with Carrier's Lynx Fleet telematics system for remote monitoring of temperatures, location, movement and system operating performance.